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Beauty and grooming

Facials and skin care management

Skin is a reflection of inner health and beauty, so we recommend you treat it with the greatest of care for outer radiance. Monthly facials will deep cleanse congested areas, monitor and treat minor imperfections, prevent sensitivity from the external environment, nourish, hydrate, soften and prevent wrinkles. A regular facial with a personal daily skin care regime maintains a beautiful clear youthful and healthy skin a reflection of your inner health and wellbeing.

Professional products (natural, organic where possible, without cruelty to animals) are sourced from around the world with no particular allegiance to one company so your facial will be as unique as you. Products and ranges we use include; Dermalogica USA, Ilcsi from Hungary, natural, organic handmade products based on fruit, DNA of plants and herb extracts, amongst other “beauty gems” we source from various professional ranges.

We invite you to bring along your own products if you require the pampering effects of a relaxing facial but have concerns about changing or using other product ranges or due to your personal product preference.

Our holistic facials are always bespoke, after a detailed lifestyle consultation using face mapping, a form of Chinese diagnosis, a prescription of treatment begins to include double cleanse, tone, paraffin wax mask, exfoliation steam/hot towels or infra red heat, deep cleansing or suitable mask treatment, extraction when required, serums and moisturizer.

Light touch with obsidian semi precious stones, acupressure and lymphatic drainage skin toning face lift massage, and muscle melt massage over neck & shoulders with blended essential oils and creams are always included.

Our advanced facial range includes CACI Microdermabrasion and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) for skin rejuvenation to promote a flawless skin and ultratone to lift & tighten, a face lift without surgery.

At Body Balance Broadgate we promote natural health and adapt our holistic approach to suit all skin types and concerns based on our extensive knowledge and experience, with emphasis on lifestyle, nutrition, stress relief and a home care routine when appropriate, to support a flawless skin and enhance ones sense of beauty and total wellbeing.

Please note that the following facials are suitable for gentlemen, with emphasis given to a healthy beard growth prevention of ingrown hairs, acne, dry skin and shaving or other specific concerns

We highly recommend combining body treatments during face care to promote lymphatic drainage with Aromazone machine to decongest lymphatic system improving skin health or a choice of Ultratone programmes for body toning


We have chosen Dermalogica skin care products as our partners in skin health and beauty regimes for recommendation to use at home, due to their commitment to science and nature and continuous eco friendly development and care. We stock a full range of Dermalogica skin & body care products and will price match any other company, we also offer a free local delivery service in the city within 24 hours during week days Monday to Friday.