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Slimming, Detox Inch-Loss Clinic

Recharge, Renew, Revitalise

Whatever your goal body cleansing, detox, slimming & inch-loss programmes, we have a selection of treatments that can kick start or support a “New you”, “Healthy regimes” or enhance and optimise the results you have achieved via exercise and healthier eating.

A course of treatment is highly effective for cellulite, slimming or optimizing health, or you may prefer a lunch time “quick fix” inch-loss treatment for a specific event, whatever your goals our treatments can support detoxification programmes such as colon cleansing or bespoke a course of treatments to target areas and your body concerns, improving the way you look and feel about yourself

General dietary advice can be discussed during your treatment or you may prefer advanced nutrition and specific advice where we focus solely on you and your biochemical imbalances via tests such as liver function, for ultimate detoxification

Ultratone inch-loss therapy

(Advanced super pro 20)

Popular with celebrities, the ultimate revolutionary body shaping system to lift, tighten, tone & slim, reducing figure measurements A choice of programmes to combat cellulite, slim, increase muscle tone. Great for guys to achieve and maintain a “six-pack”, ideal for ladies for targeting hips, thighs abdomen and bottom. Programs include toning, lymphatic drainage slimming, workout, post pregnancy and many more. A course of 8-12 session, twice a week gives excellent and long lasting results as effects are accumulative. Allow 45 minutes per session

  • 1 session £40
  • 4 sessions £120
  • 8 sessions £220

Ultratone & frigi-cold wrap (summertime)

A simple effective cold wrap with menthol and camphor that increases circulation, improves elimination of toxins and excess fluid, via excretory systems. An excellent treatment: for cellulite, localized weight problems (stomach/hips/thighs), tired heavy legs and fluid retention. The ultimate “quick fix” cold wrap combined with Ultratone for a serious detox! Allow 55 minutes

  • 1 session £75
  • 4 sessions £240

G5 vibratory deep massage therapy

An effective “classic” therapy consists of a strong massage that breaks down and pummels stubborn fat associated with cellulite and hard to reach areas that don’t respond to exercise, resulting in smoothness, improved texture and tone of hips, thighs, abdomen, bottom and upper arms. G5 massage can be used by itself but extremely effective prior to Aromazone & Ultratone as 15 minute add on therapy (£15). Courses are recommended. Allow 30 minutes

  • 1 session £35
  • 5 sessions £150

Aromazone lymphatic massage therapy

The ultimate “thigh high boots” that gently squeeze the legs and thighs in a sequential rhythmical manner; ten times more effective on lymphatic circulation compared to massage given by hand, with many therapeutic uses: Post exercise associated fatigue due to high levels of competitive training, events or gym use. Aids healing of soft tissue swellings & some injuries. Powerful used in cellulite and detoxification programs, and enhances facial therapy improving skin texture, tone & skin radiance by its lymphatic circulatory effects, promotes relaxation. Allow 40 minutes

  • 1 session £40
  • 4 sessions £100
  • 8 sessions £200