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Sports Massage and Injury Clinic

Sports Massage

Sports massage consists of myo-fascial and deep tissue work with emphasis on musculoskeletal and joint balance, thus preventing overuse and misalignment injuries. It progressively improves flexibility and enhances your recovery from intense training by reducing muscle pain and soreness. With regular sessions it supports adaptation of tissues and increases your personal potential in progressive training and competitive sporting events. Ideal when combined with osteopathy. See FAQS

  • 30 minutes £35
  • 45 minutes £50
  • 55 minutes £60

5 sessions 1 free

Assisted isolated stretching (AIS)

New to England from the USA the Aaron Mattes Method of assisted active isolated stretching (AIS), is a method of active stretching where the stretch is held for only 2 seconds. This works with the body’s natural physiological makeup to improve circulation, increase the elasticity of muscles, joints and fascia. This type of athletic stretching provides effective dynamic facilitated stretching of major muscle groups and restoration of functional and physiological of superficial and deep fascial planes allowing the body to repair itself and to prepare for daily activity. This treatment may be used as a part or full body workout to improve the body’s mobility, strength and flexibility, all important aspects of maintaining fitness goals, preventing injury, for post exercise rejuvenation and rehabilitation for most musculoskeletal conditions.

  • AIS 30 £35
  • AIS 45 £50
  • AIS 90 minutes £85
  • Lesson 30 £35

5 sessions of AIS 1 free

Postural and corrective re-education

Neuro-musculoskeletal  re-education is based on the work of Ida Rolf “Rolfing”  myo-fascial (connective tissue) release techniques which progressively realigns the MSK system reducing body tension and fascial strain patterns (biotensegrity) so often the cause of specific aches, pains, recurrent injuries and other problems.

This is an educational experience which over ten session’s works systematically throughout the whole body improves structural integrity, using myo-fascial release improving posture and function it is supplemented with education in the use and maintenance of the human frame designed to make a major impact on your ability to live, work with more ease balance and integrity.

Clients report an effortless improvement in posture, reduced stress and tension, more vitality and energy and an increase in body awareness.

10 sessions of 60 minutes £600

The above treatments are complementary and can be taken in various different combinations depending on your unique personal requirements.